Life Hallucinators--Logo Contest

this thread is now closed…

your starting a animation studio and you cant even design your own logo?

so, you want someone to design you a logo for free?

waiting for ur images…

“ur” kidding, right … ?

it ok … we got our logo … its just that we wanted a idea … anyways we wouldnt hav used any of ur logos… so chill out … :wink:

LiFE Hallucinators…
So you guys are all smoking pot?

r u???

anyways we wouldnt hav used any of ur logos…

why bother soliciting free logos if you weren’t going to use any of them? in addition to being exploitive, this seems ignorant and disrespectful.

and it’s “you’re”, which is a contraction of “you are”, not ur.

the rules for this sub forum state that topics must be approved by a moderator.

is this true? did a mod actually give a green light to this?

If we had used any of your logo ideas , we would hav surely put your name on it .

we know nothing about you, or your ‘company’ so why would you even expect us to get into this?

Stop being such a fucking grammer nazi.

And if none of you have anything to contribute to this guy, get the hell out of the thread!

Do you huys have any work you’ve already done that you could show us?

Yay, my politeness class is working! :slight_smile:

yes dude.we hav quite a hand full of animations and near dozen of pics.we will upload it as soon as our website is ready.we will surely giv u the link.