Life in a box part one

hey guys this is part of a series im thinking of starting and wanted to get some input. im mostly happy with the textures and everything just not happy with the graininess of it. thought id reach out. here is one scene of the final. other is just steam layer for composting. any thoughts on the graininess of it?

also linking the .blend
i ran it with 400 samples in the picture and 1000 in the .blend, but from most of what ive seen 1000 seems a little ridiculous, (correct me if im wrong) i have followed the ideas of the blender guru 7 ways to get rid of fireflies with limited results.

as you can see the 1k helped alot but i always thought you were supposed to keep it around 300 ish. 1000 samples wasnt bad as far as render time whole thing was estimated at 2 hours by blender so im not ruling it out

Arg! The bane of fireFlys. Have you looked at selective filtering of render passes in the compositor?

You man not need the bilateral blur in every channel. It pays to look at each pass with the viewer to find which ones are noisy and then ajust bilateral blur to be as little as you can get away with.