Life in Middle of the forest

hi to all
i want show you My recent Work in Blender and i hope you really like it…
I created this just for Fun…i will glad to hear your votes and your nice Comment…

I Used 600 650 Samples. Render time was very long ,about 2 hour ( Because GPU not supported :smiley: )…

And a Screen Shot from My Scene…


WOW man, Morteza T.19, I’m so happy to see something that beautiful. You did an excellent work here.
I also got a lof of problems with the GPU. Or some features are not supported or it lacks of memory and it becomes useless.

Merry Christmas and continue to blend like that and even better !


ُSo Thanks SOL_33, for your comment…Merry Christmas too

Awesome! This looks really great. :slight_smile: Merry Christmas!

Thanks a Lot…Merry Merry Christmas too!

Phenomenal. Fantastic work!

Thanks Polterbyte