Life-like Water Render

Hey guys, I rendered some water, just for fun and it turned out pretty good. I just thought I’d show it to you guys, and see what you think. Don’t focus to much on the stars, I know it looks bad and I’ll fix it up later, just give me as a lot of critique and I’ll do my best to fix it. I what it to look as best as it can be. Thanks guys and here’s the render, focus mostly on the water remember. :slight_smile:


i think it looks more like ground with flat mountains that you’d see on an old video game,
maybe you oculd give it more ripple/fluid

It looks a little more like jello to me. :wink:

Try adding a little more translucency to the material (it looks a little too solid).

Thanks guys, I can’t make it have a more ripple effect sence it’s a normal map, but I think tranlecenting will do the trick, that for the crit guys, keep it coming.