life of semitransparent man I : the duel (16.11:some stills)

it is coming…

pieces of storyboard,
and additional shots,
available at the project page:

music by XXIII


This looks very interesting. I really like the noise you got with the AO. I am assuming this is based off that test you posted a while ago when the AO came out?


nice mood.

A bit empty, but I imagine you will complete this

the city will be quite empty… and low detailed.

and yes, this is based on those AO tests back then… but, this time I’m not using AO, because of the slowness… it’s just spots.

simple idea, simple execution…


ok, a little update to tell you how it’s going with this… so…
animating is ready. and I’ve spent this morning rendering out the final frames. not all is rendered yet, there is quite a lot, and I have lot of cameras… python camera switching is taking care of some of that, but not all…
after it’s all rendered, I take the pieces to sequencer, and edit it together.

it’s a bit of a mess, I have lot of stuff rendered, and now I really have to check how they will fit together… it’s a big puzzle. and I have no clue if it will look good at all. but this time I wanted to try out this kind of method… render out bunch of frames and see what I can do with them.

I’m still going to follow the storyboard ofcourse… but with a little bit of extra freedom.

anyways, long story short, here’s some still pictures. I will not put up any preview animations, they would be too big, and nobody download them anyways … and takes extra time from me too… so… we will wait for the final one. heh.

more stuff:


Your work and style is very interesting. I’m always glad to see new stuff. It reminds me kind of the advant garde type stuff from earlier days but with a modern touch ( a basse touch). Thanks for sharing and keep them coming.