Life of the Forest
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I made this picture mostly for the purpose of working out a style of toon shading and modeling nature that I liked. I think I am on the right path.

First thought: it’s the venture company! Kill five deforesters and ten workers!

Except I had to look up the company’s name because I haven’t played WOW in months.

Is cool.

Ooo…cool. Like the style has a very cartoon, yet not quite cartoon style to it. Like the concept too. What company do you work for…

this is nice, i see you fixed the footprints. i dont know what to say because i have little experince with toon shading. good job!

(p.s. this is kinda beside the point, but your avatar makes me tilt my head. i have no idea why. and i tilt my head when i read your posts now. my girlfriend walked in and saw me and she has been trying to rub my neck all day because she thinks i have a sore neck. great picture by the way.)

i very much like the toon style! :slight_smile:

love the style

Thanks for all of the comments so far. I think there are a few things I need to touch up as I look closer at it, but I’m glad to see that the style is going over well.

Crititrozoz, I don’t do any modeling professionally, this is just a hobby (albeit one that I am really getting into again)

I really love the smoke, it is my favorite part of your image by far. I almost think the snow could be a little less white more brown, only just barely noticable though. Great style though :slight_smile: