Life On Mars - First Project On Blender

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing while in Blender, but I want to learn. I’m very impressed with the work you guys put up in the forums. Keep it up.

First of all, welcome to Blender and to Elysiun!

Congratulations on a very impressive first project! If this render is any indication, you are well on your way to doing great and cool things with Blender!

Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing more of your projects.


are u from gamespot? Anyway, looking like a fairly good render you show promise.

Yeah I post on Gamespot sometimes. How’d you know?

Anyway, thanks for the replies. Back to Blending. :o

I told someone at gamespot on the FSW forums about blender. You fibnd out about it from pilot_guy415

Nope! Actually, I read about Blender in an issue of GameInformer. The one with Halo 2 on the cover. Gamespot was just a coincidence.

huh, wierd.

So the word of Blender is spreading. Hey idbltrbl001, a great first render, cant wait to see more from you. Even if Blender frustrates you and you really want to quit, carry on, trust me its worht it in the end.

Also everyone else, have you noticed recently that peoples first projects have been getting better and better. Perhaps we are getting more artistic types coming into the fold.

:stuck_out_tongue: Welcome to the Blender community, I hope you like it :smiley: Anyways, yeah a lot of awesome work on elysiun now, maybe the new renderes had to come a lot earlier, the new features where really needed. 8)

I predict the world will one day be ruled by blenderheads…

Nice image, reguardless of it being your first project. Sience it is your first project though, it’s really impressive. :smiley:

There’s a lot of interesting ideas that could be developed here without a lot of additional work. What if “life on Mars” wasn’t on Mars, but orbiting above it? Or perhaps Mars is the nucleus of some fantastic form of life that orbits it like electrons orbit an atom?

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nice first project. much better than mine.

great work, i like the colors

good david bowie song too