Life Sucks

Here’s my week.
I start it off by going to the doctor and getting half of my toenail for each of my big toes cut off. Now I’m hobbling around in bandages.
Next day I have to go to another doctor, this appointment lasted forever.
Next, I find out that my county (actually it’s called parish) here just passed a law refusing to let me go to the awesome Magnet school in the other county cause I live on government property. I have to go to the worst school in the state, or a private school.
I have a mouth sore the size of a dime.
My pain pills make me sick and I’m constantly sleepy.
Oh yeah, and I found out that I’m moving somewhere, the Air Force hasn’t decided where, in a year. Just frikin great.

Life sucks.

On the brighter side for this week, I passed an important musical audition.

I think I’m gonna go sit down and stare at the wall.

life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.

what do you play? write me a song. go on, i dare ya.

okay valar, here is just a little perspective. It just might make feel better.

I’m a 34 year old mother of 2 (13 yr. old sona and 10 yr. old daughter).
Just in the last month, they changed my son’s meds (he is manic depressive and ADHD) and I think this set is making him worse. Now he seems to enjoy hurting himself.

My daughter was diagnosed with diabetes 4 weeks ago.

My bank screwed my bank account up so bad that I am now suing them.

And you are just going to love this one, as part of the bank screwup, they have been sending my online bill pay that should have gone to the power company to who the hell knows where and they bounced a check they told me had cleared ($200 fee on that).

My son broke a neighbor’s car window that I now have to pay for.

The State Child Support agency has managed to screw up my payments, even though ex sends them on time I don’t get them.

And I just found out that my son stole gum from the grocery store when we were there tonight.

Now I have to suck it all up and continue to take care of my kids and husband, work a full time job, figure out how to fix all these things and run a small home business.

So hon, I hate to say it , but your life doesn’t suck just yet. Right now yours is simply annoying. It doesn’t get to suck until life singles you out personally and f****s up absolutly eveything around you in the smallest amount of time possible, and still makes you be responsible for all the stupid little things that only you can do for some reason. :frowning:

hey dreamgate


you need em!!!


Here is a some poetry I wrote over the last couple days. Mainly through feelings that life in general sucks. It’s actually a combination of two poems, Awakening, and Dreams of Hope.

Awakening brings realization of what is
For the morning sun carries with it a paradoxical truth
An endless void of eternal longing and lust
In these times hope is absent and demons thrive
Even conceptual life is frozen in a cold hell
Confusion sets in as questions become meanings
To fill the void becomes a reason
Or at least a hope for the hope of a last chance
To survive is ironic as life itself is the paradox
Life could bring suicide and suicide could bring life
Perception becomes the world and existence in question

To have a mind that is empty and full at the same time
A thousand sentences with no punctuation
A thousand emotions with no logic
Memories both imagined and real haunting daily
Phantoms of thoughts run uncontrolled and merciless
Thoughts of a past that was and was not
Thoughts of a future that may or may not
A transparent soul that collects no radiant warmth
To remain cold and lonely adrift for perpetuity
Longing to scream for help but uncertainty prevails
Again I hide as the world rejects my existence
So to my mind I surrender
Departing reality for a place where things are nice

Of curious deep darkness through cold and weary nights
My fallen soul surrenders with monotonous morning light
As I stroll through the entrance of another world among
The world that I created to protect me from the sun

In fields where green and gold collide
And beauty fills the deep blue sky
Where gentle breeze blows willows wisp
Is where love and happiness does exist

Where night and day in one you see
The stars and sun will ever be
And moons of many with gentle light
To softly kiss the sullen night

Through chaos creates a world as this
An imaginary existence of eternal bliss
For without dreams what would we find
To soothe and calm the unquiet mind

In all the madness which swallows my life
I would not choose to give up this night
For it is through adversity that now I know
The seeds of hope are ours to sow

OK then

{reads acasto’s poetry}

WOW!! :frowning:

Sounds like you got screwed over too this week.
Hope things improve for you.
I have to deal with all of this with a two year old baby sister, and a very loud younger brother, so I get all the annoying kids too. :wink:

I play piano. I’ve written several mediocre pieces.

Nope, I don’t think it’s the same…

Just listen to what dreamsgate is telling you a little bit more carefully…

The big difference is that your baby sister and brother, just annoy you (maybe…)…

dreamsgate has the responsibility of her kids (among other things…)… It is a whole different issue…

In fact if I get the picture right, she’s responsible for her whole family… And from what I can judge (at least from what I see from her posts…) she’s doing fine…

On the other hand…

I could safely describe this as a problem… Have you talked with your dad about it??? I mean does he know how you feel about that???

If he doesn’t, I’d suggest that maybe you should talk about it with him… He may or may not, be able to give you a solution, but nevertheless, a little talking always helps…

And valarking…

Life doesn’t suck… :wink:


Timonides, my dad’s deployed for another 4 months in Guam. That presents a whole new angle on the problem. Now I have to be the Dad.

O.k. this is getting very serious… :-?

You are still very far from being the Dad, but I know that you have some extra responsibilities…

From what I can understand the closest person right now to you is your mother… Do you discuss with her, about the things that are troubling you???


O.k. this is getting very serious… :-?

You are still very far from being the Dad, but I know that you have some extra responsibilities…

From what I can understand the closest person right now to you is your mother… Do you discuss with her, about the things that are troubling you???


Yup, she’s generally the bearer of bad news.

O.k. I want you to promise me, that you will talk with her about this issue…


Maybe she can’t give you a solution, but perhaps she will find a way to make things a little bit

easier for you…



I’m ahead of you, Timonides, we talked about it yesterday.

acasto: good stuff

VK and dreamsgate: I hope all will go well for you now. Must have been the alignment of the moon or something :wink:


My life sucks, too. But it’s the normal “Brimhell-invasion-privacy-still-can’t-get-Morrowind-to-work” stuff. NOTHING like Dreamgate’s problems. (Hopefully, she’ll be able to get that lawsuit done all right.) BTW: Your son likes to HURT himself? You should see what I can do if I get angry enough at my older brother. Since he’s fat, braggy about he could beat my ass, and the worst I can do to him is spit water at him (which I did yesterday–ah, that feels so good), I’ll often vent by scratching myself. Hard. Bad. I think I’ve got scars from the last time I did it. It bleeds. It’s horrible. I wish I could beat him up or at least just tell him to shut the f*ck up already.

That’s another thing about how my life sucks: I have to be my big brother’s talking bag. He never shuts up. Imagine what I do on here, convert into speech, multiply by about 17,576, and you’re still nowhere near how annoying he is.

Look on the bright side: You’re pissed because you are stuck in a sucky school… well, you’re moving… NEW SCHOOL! I’ve been stationed on a few air force bases, and i’ve enjoyed many of the towns that surround them.

And people are right, life can suck… but it’s all about how you handle it.

OH, and the pain killers? Take different ones.

What VK, are you in Louisiana or something? Oh, and it’s not uncommon for schools near military bases to be the worst in the area. Worst elementary school in the state of Hawaii was the one that all the kids from Pearl Harbor went to. Very simple reason… military parents don’t vote where they live (well… by +95%). The local system just has to maintain the bare basics to satisfy the feds and get their big bucks for educating military brats, then spend all that money somewhere else. There are exceptions of course, but screwing the military is pretty common.


Yup, so represive, too many laws, too many government, too many taxes, I know, let’s make life better, lets lessen the law and government, let’s get rid of taxes, let’s get rid of the new world order :<

Wise Proverb:

Eat a live toad in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day

It’s a variation on the “It could be worse…/it could be better…” psychology, which I personally find doesn’t help much, comparing yourself to others with worse problems, while it helps for a little while it promotes guilty feelings that that they’re so bad off.
But then comparing yourself to people with lesser problems only makes you feel worse.

Comparisons seem to be bad, so avoid them, stick to “It was worse…” and “It will be better…” and be as optimistic as you can about your changes:

is a good example of this.

CubeFan: I’d suggest some industrial-strength earplugs :slight_smile:

/me reminds himself to stop reading these threads, they make me too depressed. :frowning: