Life Thief - GTA VFX

Here’s another short VFX video that I’ve wiped up, this time based off of Grand Theft Auto 5.

All visual effects were created using Blender, with editing and color-correction done in Sony Vegas. The project took about 6 weeks from planning to final render, with a couple of hours work done on most days throughout that time :slight_smile:
The animation is not perfect, there are definetely some shots that I would have liked to improve (mostly in the tracking department) but it would have taken me a lot longer to have a finished video, I simply didn’t have that kind of time to dedicate to this video :o

Some tracking problems like you have already told and i think the plane motion should have redefined little more

Out-running jet fighters like a boss since 2014.

Nice fire sims.

I totally agree with you, I’ll try to work on the animation area next time around. The big problem with the tracking was the focal length change while zooming, Blender doesn’t support any focal length change so I would have had to animate the entire thing frame by frame if I wanted it perfect