Life, work, money, family, children

Hi all :slight_smile:

Don’t look at this if you’re not well-in-your-shoes :wink:

I share this with you all as it is IMHO a masterpiece of graphical design, audio design, society/money/productivity criticism… Just like was The Wall from Pink Floyd 40 years ago…

No discuss needed.
Each picture will talk to you heart and soul… or not :slight_smile:

Happy watching !


This video is so “Watch it before they take it down!” :slight_smile:

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Being as it was uploaded 5 years ago, has almost 6 million views and 21k comments, and its own website, maybe not quite. At least not where I live. This sort of thing just gets ignored and drowned out with propaganda, commercials, and vapid entertainment; bread and circuses still work all too well.

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Vapid entertainment is the “opium of the people” … :man_detective: