Hi guys,
Here is my latest image.
Life consists of events that are not expected, a result of chance that have a positive or negative impact in the future. But the dice are loaded, and not everyone has the same. Some will be more lucky in their life. Anyway, at a time the dice explode. Some sooner than other. The explosion often impact the events shown by the dice next to it. And a dice with too much debris around will rarely lead clearly the life relied to it.
The light of the explosion was made in gimp.

Any opinion about this image will be appreciated :slight_smile:


i love this kind of abstract art, you did a great job with this, and it even have a hero object in the front, that’s great, but i feel the image needs a headline, or some kind of a hint on the dice to explain it, i don’t think any one will look at it and understand what you are trying to say

Nice! Don’t think this one (or any abstract art tbh) needs any explaining. Watching this makes me think that ‘Life is an act of mostly random effects taking place in and around us’. Like it a lot!

Very nice, man! I love the compositing! Again, nice work!

This is nice! Very nice use of DoF and the glare/explosion that you painted is amazing!

However, a couple of critiques:

The ground plane could use some roughness/specularity mapping. The reflection of the dice is perfectly clear, but the surface isn’t really shiny. You could make it look more “photoreal” by adding some of those maps to your ground plane. Your displacement/normal mapping is good (although it looks like you used a low res [under 4k] image. Since you are so close to both your ground plane and the dice, you should be trying to use at least 2K textures there, and then downscale textures on everything thats out of focus or can’t be seen to save memory. Lastly, you may want to turn down the DoF effect a little bit, turn off caustics, and use clamping. You are getting some fireflies in the background of your image in the cracks of the groundplane.

Otherwise, great image and great concept!

I always love it when digital art is not just well made but also has a meaning.

Thank you very much for your comments! :smiley:
Ivxejay: thanks for your advice, I have made an other render with a slightly change for the ground roughness, but I didn’t manage to get rid of the fireflies :confused: I used the clamp indirect option and increased a lot the the samplings, in the world panel I have enabled the multiple importance setting, but it didn’t change anything. How do you turn off caustics?

Render settings->Light Paths->Reflective Caustics check box.

As far as the fireflies, there is no substitute for more samples! With glossy and/or refractive materials, it’s not uncommon for me to go to 10,000 or higher samples, even with some clamping (and too much clamping reduces the realism IMO).

Thank you very much pleskinen for your answer, I don’t remember having already heard about this option. And for the samples that’s good to know.