Lifeboat... in space!

An entry for the “Endless engines” challenge of clint (pwnisher).
The competition contains a template animation which you have to exchange with your own assets.

My approach to the challenge:
As i like space ships, i was thinking about making one.
As fighters and similar types are all well known and done to death, i though of a different role - a lifeboat.
So collecting references and resources was on the plan and after a bit i had an idea how to make a spaceship look like a rescue boat.
I mix elements from coastguard boats and the ISS. Makes total sense, i know :smiley:

To create the scene i use just assets i have created in the past, the boat is of course now a fresh creation.
There is no third party kitbash in the scene. The only paid addon is “flared” for the lovely lensflare.

Anyhow, here are then some WIP shots and the current status.
For forum reasons, the current shot at the beginning for a nice thumbnail.

Status after the first day of work.

Second day:

Third day is the current status.

As its a competition about an animation, i also did render out the wips.
Very rewarding, i can recommmend you to render some animations of your projects!


Very cool and unique design! Love your approach to the subject. In the animation, I really liked how it changed the thruster usage when in outer space. Playing around with such a good model must be rewarding!
Pwnisher’s challenges always have a lot of great art, but I think you can very well compete. Good luck!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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A few more evening sessions and i am reaching the ceiling of my abilities.

Added more details in the launch tube, the station and on the ship.
Broke the shader on the dark material though, need to rerender.
Added a overheat effect on the engines.
Polished the animation as well.
Only very little left for me to do here.


Some more changes.
Added pipes and cables in the launch tube.
Its also now filled with a volumetric, but thats not really very visible with the super low sample count (64) right now.
It creates a little flare/bloom around the headlights and isolates the colours a bit.
The boat is now also dirty and i fixed some smaller things around the scene.


Now with some steam in the launch tube.
Room for improvment, but i think it looks cooler with the volumetrics than without.


And an update.
less fog, less blue in the tunnel and some guidance ligths!


I was thinking that those tunnels could use some lights, it’s looking great! I really like the color in your entry. Mine is looking a bit drab in comparison.

Another update, mostly on stuff you wont really see on first sight.
Reworked the fog, made it fade out softly, the entry section was otherwise too noisy too watch.
Changed the light slightly, turned down the saturation just a slight bit.
Some more details around the ship.
Added an impact of a debree element outside, before boosting, with slight damage on the craft.