my pip boy:)

The pip boy is A- 1 wrist wallet - Link

B - a armband small phone holder - I can’t find it anywhere online, I got it @ kmart this is close though- Link

the optics are parts from a old small set of binoculars, and a stainless steel dental mirror :slight_smile:

So it’s my wallet phone and flashlight :slight_smile:

I could also make it a zoom lens, but $$$ :frowning:

My Newest Version

Pip boy was a cool concept but Gawd! that game sucks!

Fallout New Vegas is only fun if you get ALL the detail mods (especially the weather and shaders), Project nevada and weapon mods expanded…

It’s like


People, build Tech Craziness and post it :smiley:


Current build - Socrates V Alpha-5


used parabolic reflector and a 2x lens