Life's just a match of Tic Tac Toe

I don’t know sure what I had on mind doing this but here it is anyway :]
And is it tic tac toe? Or how to type it?

Grass represents what is earthly and those circles represents pain etc. You get the idea. Don’t take it too seriously because I don’t know what I am talking about.
And the pic:

All done with blender, I made it in(about) 3 hours, Rendering ate time.
rendered with YafRay
rendering time about 13 min.
I used a little bit of DeFocus-node on it

Other versions(tests and shiddy) links:

Give me tons of feedback so I can try to make almost not bad art !

tic tac toe!!!
its called noughts and crosses!

lol americanisms :slight_smile:

anywayz very nice. I think the earth needs to be a bit more brown and darker. its kinda more like clay at the moment i think. i think you’ve got the “weight” right though because i can imagine how heavy each of them is, and it looks like they are falling.

very nice :wink:

nought and crosses? never heard : ] ummm… What part exactly look in your opinion, too “clay”? I need a little more exact information so I can fix it.
I did a test with vector blur, but the result was pretty horrible, I can put it here soon
edit: here: