lift for plane

i cant get lift to work on this script

um… explain your problem a bit more…

sorry i didn’t have much time while i was writing it.
I am trying to make a plane. right now it is just a cube. I want to have a python script that makes the plane generate lift when it is going a certain speed. I just made a test script and there is no errors but where it says lift.setForce(0, 0, 10, 1) nothing happens
I was wondering if there was something wrong with my script

silly, you forgot to add

GameLogic.addActiveActuator(lift, 1)

to the end. that actually ADDS the motion actuator.

There’s another problem, too. The LinV motion you are using for the forward movement is in SET mode, which means that it will override all other motion settings. Even if you use GameLogic.addActiveActuator(lift, 1) your plane will not lift upward, because you are constantly setting the LinV of the Z axis to 0.

I know I was just trying to see if it would work if i didn’t use force so i figured LinV would be easiest to tell if it worked.
I really need to remember GameLogic.addActiveActuator(lift, 1)
I am just learning python

ohh I didn’t understand what you were saying at first. when I get the lift working I will change it to dLoc and have a throttle.

Is there any way you could get the objects angle in python


It’s a bit difficult to understand… I still don’t completeley understand it, even if I have figured out how to use it for a bunch of different things.

It returns a 3x3 “orientation matrix”. More than that you probably should look up. I know there was a short discussion on the forums a while ago. There is a link if you click on “resources” in my sig.

yesh, a 3x3 matrix indeed. it explains where exactly each axis is pointing. but if you are just taking it from an object, you really dont need to fiddle with matrices.

I need only the Y rotation so how could you get that out of the 3x3 matrix