Lift problem in blender

Hello its my first thread
i am making my first game so asking straight forward
i made horizontal lift from a cube but my character (which is also a cube with character game physics) cant move along lift
when it jumps upon it . Lift moves from his under and it falls straight down i am new so tell me what type of physics i should use for my lift?
In other words it cant stand on and move along my lift thx for help in advance

You need to enable friction on both the objects in the material options, or you can use Python (which I presume you don’t want to you).

here is a demo of using a property to move the platform, and the player

player applies the motion if touching platform, and getting a property from the platform used to apply the motion,

platform uses same property to move,


PlatformLogicAndPython (2).blend (473 KB)