Lifting an object with human armature

I am working on a project where i need to lift the cube which is pointed in the image below. I tried that in many ways like adding friction to cube and the human mesh, adding a collision or near sensor to the cube and then a track to actuator to track it with the armature etc. But i couldn’t find any use in completing the task. I’m even ready to upload my blend file if the objctive is not clear,hoping for solution to complete this. Tank you

Parent the object to an empty that is parented to the hand.

Parenting the empty (hook) to the hand bone should no be a big deal and can be done in Blender.

To dynamically parent the cube to the hook must be done with the BGE.

primitive way:
you know the name of the hook, so you can let the cube parent itself to it, just by activating an already configured parent actuator.

dynamic way:
Use Python to let hook:
A) Evaluate the “grab situation”
B) Detect the object to be grabbed
C) parent the detected object to itself (hook)

Most-likely you will need to opposite processing as well:
Dynamically un-parent the grabbed object from the hook.

Again two ways:
let the cube remove the parent with the parent actuator
let the hook un-parent all children with a Python controller.

Your table has way to mach faces. This makes rendering slow and the scene inconsistent.

But this is the initial position of the man. IF i parent in the manner u said while the hand reaches the cube the position of cube changes i guess!

Thanks its woking :slight_smile: