Lifting box

can you explain what this does ?
and where is it used ?

looks very simple !
no texture
looks like a plastic casing is it ?

is it going to be added to a scene ?

happy cl

“What is that darned thing?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This is used when your house is below the street sewer line, it is a lift pump that pushes up the sewer coming from the house. I was going to do the animation, but the project was canceled. Yes, her material is plastic.

Isso é usado quando sua casa fica abaixo da linha de esgoto da rua, ela é uma bomba elevatória que empurra pra cima o esgoto que vem da casa. Ia fazer a animação mas o projeto foi cancelado


you should make a small scene with a house showing these pumps!

is there another pump type for the kitchen used water ?

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