Lifting Heavy Object - My 1st Animation

Hi there this is my first animation exercise in blender … I’m working as lighting and rendering TD but I’m interested to learn the animation basic principles

Hey Muhamed,

really cool animation, I also looked at the animation short that you posted, it’s really nice!!! Very professional! good experience.

For the heavy object, it’s already really good. We can feel the weight! There are a few things that I would try to see if it improves the animation.

First thing is that when he let the ball fall, the whole body should react a bit more, not just the arms. Either the ball brings the all body down with it or, and it seems it is what you want, the character let go the ball completely which will make the shoulder and pelvis go up at once.

Second thing is your moving hold. A moving hold is a pose you keep for a number of frames, for example a character pointing to an object… how long is he going to point to the object… And When he is pointing to that object, he’s still living, it should not completely static for it not to look blocked or lifeless but it shouldn’t move too much to show that the character is trying to stay in the same pose. In the time you have your character resting, you have a few moving holds, but your poses are not super clear to understand what you character is doing. An easy solution may be… (and this is only a suggestion) to have your character having the hands on (on top of the ball) Like if he was thinking:“Wow this ball is heavy… I need a minute to breath”. Because on the side it looks like he is already ready to try again.

These are just things I would try but again very nice animation, and I love also the style and the render!
Really cool!


Very good – few notes here:

when the ball lifts, it should have more of an inverse quadratic, like, he yanks, there is a quick jerk where the ball lifts, then slowly rises (with some body shake), till he gets to where he can’t lift anymore, then release as Mathias mentioned

You both are supers … I think that what you said should make an animation … and I really hope I can find the .blend file to amend it … but my computer crashed 1 week ago and can’t get back a lot of work files :frowning: … Thanks again for your valuable advises. :slight_smile:

This is a good exercise to do, however I’m not sure your first attempt is very successful. There are too many issues with this to do with timing, posing and overlap.

I think you need to start again. Shoot some reference of yourself lifting something heavy and really study it.

@freen it makes me happy and proud to have a comment from someone pro. like you … thanks again and if you have an advise about which tutorial I should watch first that will be great … :slight_smile:

Nice. It looks like you do have some idea of the concepts involved, however I suspect there may be a problem in your workflow. At a guess it looks like your keys, breakdowns and inbetweens are all muddled, which is causing the problems with timing and overlap - as well as making things float and pop. I also have a sneaking suspicion you may be animating body parts separately (given the way the arms are jumping while the hips float) which for an exercise such as this is not good practice.

Sadly you’re now heading out of tutorial territory. The whole point of these exercises is to practice working from references and build up your own understanding. So you don’t want a “lifting” tutorial, but I would suggest reading Keith Lango’s tut on pose-to-pose animation, as this is one of the better methods to use while learning. Keith has some pretty good suggestions for pose-to-pose.

Fix your workflow - it make the rest easier (relatively) - and give it another go.