(Zweistein) #1

I have a really finished Project… I am sitting here in Germany since 10 o´clock PM to now 3.10 o´clock am… AND FINALLY I GET LIGHTFLOW INSTALLED :wink:

I tried everything and i followed every instruction but i doesn´t work. If somebody have question how to install Lightflow on a WindowsXP system, just write me "Mat[email protected]"

My biggest Problem was, that I added C:\Lightflow to the PATH variable. That is wrong. If you do that, the noise.dat can´t be find.

5 hours… to find that out… ;-(


(DreamMaster) #2

Congrats for figuring it out!!! :slight_smile: I might need to email ya… when I’m in mood to install it anyways :stuck_out_tongue: I use WIndows XP and I’m not yet familiar with Windows XP and eviorment variables there. :stuck_out_tongue:

(eeshlo) #3

This should be in Q&A. Anyway, this is in the LFPROBLEMS.txt, but here is what Eric said about XP environment variables in Q&A some time ago:

rightclick on “My Computer” and choose “properties”, then go to the “advanced”
tab, and after that click on the “environment variables” button. It shouldn’t be too hard
to figure out the rest.

Of course, if you do have trouble ‘figuring out the rest’, somebody else would maybe want to clarify a bit more.
And once again, if you don’t really know what you are doing, installing Lightflow and two different python versions can be incredibly frustrating that can put you off forever trying to use it ever again. I really strongly suggest trying other export scripts first…

btw, The new script might not need python1.5…

yes, I’m very sorry, but I constantly bumped into problems myself, and it takes time to solve those problems, so I’m not going to say anything anymore about when it will be released…

(Zweistein) #4

Yeah, the readme helped me at first… but there is a big error->

  1. Add the Lightflow directory to the system path.

If you make it in the path Variable, Lightflow won´t work at all.

(eeshlo) #5

You did not use that complete line, including %PATH%? I would think that is not needed when changing the path variable in XP, you need to edit the path variable that already exists and add the lightflow directory to it, without the %PATH% bit, that is only needed for autoexec.bat in Win98 for instance.