Lighning Effect

Hello All,

Not entirely sure where to post this but I think this section to be most relevant.

Long ago when I first started using blender I created a lightning effect using particles from a mesh consting only of a single row of vertices. I animated it using an empty by which the movement of the empty would deform/displace the mesh creating a very nice lightning effect after materials/compositing etc. This however was shortly before the big blender re-vamp. I think I was using 2.46 or something like that.

Problem is I cannot remember how I used the empty to create the displacement for the life of me. I am almost positive I used the displacement modifier though obviously that is not the case.

If any of you know what i’m talking about or simply know about how I can displace a mesh using an empty I would be very grateful.

Thanks for reading,

Maybe the mesh had a curve modifier and the curve was hooked to the empty. I think that was done in a 2.49 tut.

Oh, it might be using the displacement modifier.

Take a mesh - any type - and add the ‘displace’ modifier. Create a new texture for the modifier, and change the texture’s coordinates from “local” to “object.” Set the object to the empty, then move the empty around. Your mesh will warp and deform as you move the empty around.

Solvent you were right. I forgot about changing the coordinated to object. Thanks a bunch :slight_smile: