Light a big scene

Hello guys! :slight_smile:

I’m new on this forum and I need some tips from you. I’m now doing an animation for a powerplant (how it works…). So now that i’m finishing the modeling i’m getting a little woried about the lighting and texturing. I don’t have much experience in lighting an materials.

So my goal is that my scene should look something like this
but i dont know how to get it close to this. Any tips from you guys would help me very much!:slight_smile:

So this is what i have so far. Its just a simple sun light and some lamps and with no textures. My problem is that i can’t get the materials to be white enough and the lighting doesen’t seems right.

I hope you can give me some tips or examples.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello Spike and welcome to BA forum :eyebrowlift:

One way to get that look is to only use Environment lighting and Ambient Occlusion (World tab) and don’t use any normal lights at all, unless you want more shadows.

Here’s an example with the world settings below. (no other lights used)


If you do want some shadowing, adding a Sun lamp gives broad coverage and can be softened for fuzzy shadow edges. It works well in combination with Env. Lighting and AO to give a more directional character to the light, and can help emphasize the volumes of the objects in the scene more effectively.

Thanks to both of you.
I think it now looks a lot better. Few adjustments here and there and that will be it. :smiley: