Light a single object


Is there a way to place a light and make it only affect one single object in a scene, without affecting all the other objects in the scene?

put it on a different layer (press ‘m’ to move and select the layer to move the selected object to) and then on that same layer, add the light and check ‘this layer only’ in it’s settings

thanx… it worked like a charm

Be aware that if a lamp does not “see” an object, it will not consider that object for the purposes of casting shadows: the light will be rendered as though it “shines right through” those objects.

where is this option? This works on eevee?

Dont have blender in front me right now to test and being this thread is quite old, while waiting you could try what has been suggested but skip that last step (in case it has changed in recent versions of blender) and use the compositor tab/window and alpha mix the two layers.

Searching google for “blender 2.8 render multi layers (or collections)” should get ya going if your not familiar with it.

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I think you need to do it through the Compositor now

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oh ok, vou tentar isso.

A thread this old should not be “resurrected.” Instead, start a new one.

The techniques used to do this today have very-completely changed in most cases.

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yes, sorry for the inconvenience, i will make a new topic.