Light and Dark + Armature Tweaks (Nudity)

I’ve had these sitting in WIP for about 1.5 weeks and haven’t gotten any critique that made me feel like the images needed work, so! Here they are in finished projects! Yay. Click the thumbnail for a larger version.

  1. Light and Dark – The everpresent yin/yang symbol. The fractal background was added with GIMP. (As an aside, if you’re into fractals, you might find my fractal galleries with parameter files and program downloads a very useful resource)

  1. Duet of Beauty – I’ve taken my standard model (new vertex layout, but then, I have been changing the vertex layout on every .blend I’ve made) but more than that, I really tweaked the armature a lot. Made her shorter, more full-figured, face flatter, etc. Then I copied her in almost the identical pose and repasted her into the scene so you can see her from both sides.

As with all of my renders, the point of the render is the mesh and armature – not the scene as a whole. I’ll probably never have great lighting and great props (I’m not an artist). My goal is to provide a rigged mesh that others can use to make better renders.

All comments are welcome, but ESPECIALLY comments about rigging and meshes are solicited. You can get the .blend (for all my renders) from

I dont have a prob with nude model in blender, but I dont dare to do one :smiley: just thinking on how to rig one so they bend right scares the s*** out of me :D, good work dude and still the lighting could be better :stuck_out_tongue: sorry can’t over look it :smiley: but great work

good work… hair looks great. only problem is their faces that don’t looks very real.

in the first picture, the background looks like just something you had to put there it fill up the place. there is lot of full colors, that doesn’t (to me) look like fitting with the calm white/gray/skin tones in center. my suggestion would be to just use plain color in background…

the poses could use a bit more bent back to follow the circular shape…

and maybe you could blend them into the ying-yang-shape… they look a bit out of place currently… or, maybe you could make the ying-yang shade 3d instead of 2d… give it bubble like shape, or something, and girls being in it.

on the other picture, girls holding hands, the right ones hair lets you believe there is more motion that there actually seem to be going on. background looks a bit artificial. I do like the shadows and casting light. but the corner, and the strange sky… I’m not sure where they really are.


I like these models and your ying/yang concept too. I like basse’s idea of curving them more though to follow the shape.

I also appreciate you sharing your .blend files as I’m sure other’s do. I’m having trouble with rigging my human character so I hope I can learn from your work. I have no crits for your rigging because the models seem to be deforming very well.

I saw from your site the same thing I was troubled by - the bone strength on the axis. Twisting the arm is quite tricky without that sort of thing. As for the weight paint symmetry, you might want to try out the mirror script here:

I haven’t had much success with it for mirroring verts but it might work better for mirroring painted weights.

I agree about the hidden edges in wire mode too. I don’t know why that wasn’t implemented. I did some OpenGL programming and both that and the vertex culling were among the first things I did. I can’t understand why it’s taken until version 2.35 unless it’s something to do with the way the code is layed out.

Concerning the hair, I heard that the fiber script lets hairs follow certain guides so you can control the flow. I don’t really like the beast script much.

To end, one major crit I have is that I entirely disagree with the following statement:


ps, I also like your disclaimer:

No images are to be viewed by anyone of any age, as all images are inappropriate for all people.

I’m not interested in nude womans (maybe cause i am not a male?) anyway i must say that your modelling is very good, and rigging too.
And you are very nice to share your models wirh others!

I’ll probably never have great lighting and great props

Maybe light is too “white” and sharp, but i think you are able to make better. The last one, ying yang, is a beautiful render! And i lke the one with the spheres too.

the models & hair are quite good…

but dammit stop making such a show about “should blender be used to showcase nude model of women?” or watever…just do it, put in a warning and who the f*** care about the people who don’t like??? You just seems to trow in a bait waiting for someone to start a debate on the subjet in every of your thread.

I think given the current feature set it’s intractable. The stretch-to constraint helps a lot in some cases, but either I’m applying it wrong, or it’s still not perfect. Morph Targets (aka blend shapes? aka joint-controlled-RVKs) pretty much fix all problems, albeit moving the problem into the artistic realm and out of the mechanical realm.

If you download my latest blends, you’ll notice I’ve put two armatures, one on layer3, and another on layer4. The layer3 armature is very simple, and corresponds to major bones. The layer4 armature is extremely complex, with many bones in places for non-bone constructs like muscles, ligaments, and for shaping the figure.

I plan to use the simple armature for posing, and the complex armature will have constraints to the simple one. Then I’ll remove all nonessential bones from the complex armature to see if that will help deformations of the model.

This is going to be a long project, so I will probably not do it until a long weekend. :wink:

I know it’s probably hard to quantify, but any more hints you could give me about why their faces don’t look real would be great.

Any chance it’s the nose (especially, places where the nose fits to the face)?

Excellent critique. Something was bothering me about the image. I think that your suggestions nail it. You and osxrules both noticed the curvature of the models’ backs don’t fit well inside the circle. That’s actually a shortcoming of the rigging of the character. If I bend their backs more, their front sides begin to deform very badly.

Yes, that’s actually one of the happy accidents I felt about that image. They look like they’re dancing in a circle, until you look at their feet, and they’re in a standing pose. It makes me laugh every time I look at it.

It might be considered jolting or otherwise bad by most artists, though. :confused:

I keep adding and deleting vertexes. It is my first 3D project ever, so it doesn’t seem odd that I should keep realising I’ve totally done it wrong, but it is what it is.

I’ve found the vertex groups to be a difficult enough interface that I’m trying to avoid it until the vertexes are set in stone. For now I keep letting the computer decide vertex weights based on closest bones.

Once I do seriously weight the vertexes, that mirror script will likely come in quite handy.

It is true. I downloaded the script and played with it for some hours. Inside the .blend they provide, I’m able to do some interesting hair effects, but I’m totally unable to port the script into my own .blend. I guess I need to port my mesh, armatures, etc into the fibre .blend? I resist doing that because my .blend has so much of my workflow built into it now, with windows precisely sized and laid out. :confused:

Sorry. I was genuinely interested in what was the ratio in this case. But yeh, sometimes by showing interest in something you draw attention to it. I’ll try to just let it be what it is and stay away from the politics. I don’t have much energy or tolerance for politics anyway. Thanks for your input. You seem as exasperated about this as I am, and yours is a good way to solve the problem.