Light and Shadow [Book Cover]

hello ppl,very long time no post here,i have been very busy.

this is a book cover i did,and actually im gonna stamp[now i work in Publishing Systems as Graphic Designer,basically i make books,magazines ect ect.]

this is it,very low res[original pdf is 8000x5750]


Wow, very nice! I like the the atmosphere of the room (front cover?). The mixture of the drawn character and the CG background is interesting, while the back is a nice finish; it’s melancholic and thoughtful. I don’t however, like the title as much. Maybe you should consider making it look handwritten in a thick, rugged pencil style.



very nice leon.

that job sounds fun :slight_smile:

very, very, very nice image (s)

the shadow cast by the pencil figure looks really great, i love it.

Original! me like :slight_smile:

Top notch illustrations as always. It’s fun to see the stuff people work on in their day to day jobs, as opposed to the usual personal projects.

Beautiful work, thanks for sharing. I always look forward to a new piece of yours.

thanx for the comments,

i have missed your pics on the concept thread,
and i just saw them,hmmm now im looking forward to a new piece of yours.

great work jonkopp!

…wow,wow wonderful!! The right one is done with…2D,3D??


That’s neat… Is it an art book or a story? If you were looking for more precise crits, you should give us all of the information :wink: . Basically what I mean by that is that I want to know if the cover makes me want to buy it, and let’s me know a little about what it is, exactly… I don’t trust books by their covers normally, but if the cover is not based on what is inside, then it is just not good enough IMHO (Sometimes, however, abstractions can be best, as I am growing to notice more and more as time goes on…). I do like the style of it, as I do in all of your works that I may or may not have commented on, but I’d like to know more to give a full crit…

Off Topic: I know this was not intentional, but the Debian symbol is on that guy’s ear :o .

Hold on Tight,

THat looks really cool, good job!