Light and shadows through a bottle

Hi. (2.82 Eevee)

Here we have an Area light, a plain Plane and the back half of a beer bottle. And the bottle material.

My question concerns the shadow that is cast by the bottle onto the plane. It’s grey.

Can the bottle color affect the plane shadow?


Also tried a flat piece of glass. Can the light shine through it?


I don’t know if this helps but it says here that “Eevee does not support colored shadow maps”

There is this, but it doesn’t look like a satisfying solution.

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I guess my question should have been about the light - not the shadow.

Here is a photo of a green vase on a white paper plate.

The light that makes it through the vase becomes green when it hits the plate. (and yes, the shadow is grey)

Is there any way in Eevee to do it?


I don’t know but I can’t seem to get that to work either with a similar setup maybe someone who knows better will say. What it looks like to me is that eevee doesn’t have a transmission ray…

Looking here:

Cycles transmission pass contains color information. Later in that same doc eevee doesn’t have a transmission pass.

This may be useful:

caustics in eevee and cycles

Thanks for all the info!

First, I’m changing my superhero name to “Transmission Ray”. (No, he’s not an auto mechanic)

(LOL ?)

Now… transmission rays and caustics.

These glasses are basically what I’m looking for.


Hopefully the effect is adjustable, as this looks like a Journey concert.

I’ve used my beer bottles in several videos, but never noticed that the light wasn’t passing through them.

Oh well, no complaints from my viewers - so, I got that going for me. Which is nice.

Thanks again.


Yeah, I think caustics are different than the light being passed through and colored, but I don’t really know how. I think in cycles this happens though.
Have a good day.

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OK. Now I’m really confused.

Here is the glass plane from above…IN CYCLES

Why? Why doesn’t it show up?

Dang. (oops had wrong cube selected for screen shot, but result is the same.)

In cycles you can use Principled BSDF with transmission.

Works for me (light is set at 3000).