Light and texture test

(Metal3d) #1

This is a little test of lights and textures… I don’t know where i go … :-?

(digitalSlav) #2

nice glitter effect on the gold. the morter on the wall might want to nor the other direction though. in some cases walls are built that way but most walls are finished these days and someone actually scrapes the eccess morter out.

(Metal3d) #3

That’s what i see… i will make a grey image to bump inverse the wall.
And redo the envmap too.
Thanks ! :wink:

(Riskbreaker) #4

You dont need to make another bump map. Just click the Nor again (it should be a yellow Nor) That makes the current bump inversed.

(S68) #5

Pretty cool,

I agree on reversing bumpmap.

Flowers are the weakest point of the image, maybe a bumpmap to fake veins?


(kil-arphen) #6

I think the ground needs a better texture too. You should search for a wood more photogenic. :wink:

(Metal3d) #7

Niaaaaaaa , that’s the only good texture i found …
Ok i will seek again ! :slight_smile:

And thanks for the tips (Nor button twice press) ( excuse my french :slight_smile: )
I never saw the effect that makes … :slight_smile:

++ for a new image :wink:

(Metal3d) #8

I have made a new envmap, and finaly i use a grayscale image inverted for bump … the wood texture is in work …
Mabe redo again the rock texture of bottom bricks …
Thanks to all

(ec2) #9

I really like the lighting of the scene and the flower vase’s apperance in the first render.

Have you thought about modeling the wood planks for the floor and continuing the bricks to make your walls? Its work but it could be worth a shot.

Nice work. I really like that vase.

(kil-arphen) #10

Ok, light is brighter and that’s good for the general viewing of the scene. But that’s not good for the nor of the flower. It’s too weird i think, The black spots on the leaves isn’t realistic at all to me.
The wall is too bright compared to the rest of the scene.

And finally, maybe modeling the wood might not be a bad idea.
Why? because!
more seriously, the wood is on the foreground, and as you know blender blurs a lot textures and that’s even more obvious with bump map when seen from a close p.o.v. (cf :P) Modeling the wood would give a much better impression.

there’s also a small problem on the corner, the orange brick shouldn’t be there, maybe you can translate the others (these on the left) to avoid that little prob.

sorry for all these comments, but that’s what you asked for right?

kil-arphen a.k.a. settra 8)

(Metal3d) #11

it’s allright :smiley:
Yes i think i will use povray to render my image …
i am trying to make the floor wood but the real probleme for me is
the flower’s texture.
I dont use BLACK spot , but the bump destructs my effect …
I will send a WIP in 2 or 3 days …
Thanks to all !