Light Animation

I chose to look at movement in my A level art - did a little animation with light in for the final piece. dunno my grade yet tho :frowning: the area I tried to model is a simplified area just off Deansgate in Manchester, UK. It was all simplified and modeled in white - influenced by an artist i cant remember. I like how the colours of the “car lights” change the colour of the white buildings.:smiley: what you all think? you can give me your grades :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks cool. I’m not sure I like the toon look though. Good movements of the lights.

B though I’m not really sure what your being marked on so It could really be an A or E!

Artist could be Rachel Whiteread … she did “House”… nice anim btw

There was one thing I found distracting. When the “cars” turn the corners they don;t slow down - they just fly right around at the same breakneck speed. It might be cool to have the cars slow down - and perhaps have a light indicate the turn - leaving broken trails as it blinks off and on.
Looks good though.