Light Armored Unit - "Bash" Type

As per the result of my poll a few days ago… I drew a concept for the chosen Bot Design. Thanks again for participating in that poll guys. I’ve also started modelling it.

Here’s the concept:

And Here’s the start of the modelling:


Updated: Body has been modified , added arms . any comments?

Image is too small to really see anything…

The fingers look too think to be very moveable. Nice meshwork, just work on the hands a bit. If it’s a basher does it really need hands or just melee weapons? If you want hands, maybe ass a smaller pair of arms with them and make the main arms melee weapons?

nice :smiley: This is looking awesome!

Hey thanks for the replies!

@lexx , Thats what ive been thinking about. Ive been thinking if fingers are necessary at all since at first i designed this bot thinking that it would be on the front lines bashing things.

@Nathan Thanks!

@DDD: I’ll make the image bigger on the next update, thanks for the heads up…:slight_smile:

Update: Arm is added. Any suggestions guys?


Update 2: Rendered

Wow, starting to look great. You should consider adding some details to the shoulders. They are somehow too simplistic compared with the arms.

Other than that this is a really clean model. I think you may soon be starting the hard part, I mean the head. If it matches the rest of your model, it may end-up being a really interesting blend.

hey thanks for the tip! Yeah…shoulder is a bit blunt isn’t?

Update: Legs are added. :slight_smile: any thoughts?

Another Update: Any suggestions for improvement guys?

need to work on your texturing a bit, but the modelling is pretty solid :slight_smile: