Light Artifact In Eevee

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So been looking around to a solution to this problem but have not found anything conclusive yet. The picture explains the issue, I get these odd blasts of colour artifacts in my render in some frame, I tried adjusting the light threshold but has not seem to fix the issue just moved it to different frame, should not this does not happen in view port render only final render. Could anyone explain or help with this?

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Can you show us your Outliner and Render Properties, please?

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Ahh yeah sorry just attached an image to the original post with the render settings. What is the Outliner?

I did another test at 720p and did not seem to have the same issue, only seems to happen in HD and higher.

What is your graphics card?

AMD usually has those kinds of problems. Results should not depend on output resolution.
Regardless of whether you have an AMD card or not, you try to update to the latest available graphics driver. And if the problem persists, you should report the problem on for which you should share a scene where developers can reproduce the problem.

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it looks like a light source in a volumetric medium. is the light source possibly set to hidden in the viewport but visible in renders? also volumetric point sources tend to become better defined at higher sample counts (as is the case in your 128 render samples vs 32 viewport samples).

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Running a RTX 2070 Super, drivers are up to date, might try do some more testing se if I can properly isolate the issue before reporting the problem. Cheers

Yeah correct running world volumetrics might try with out it and see what happens, will make sure nothing is hidden as well. Cheers

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Hi there,

i have the same problem, running a rtx2080 super. what you mean with world volumetrics, the fog?



Have you looked at using any of the Light probes for eevee to see if that helps? EEVEE has some weird limitations and those probes can help and I would try to increase the shadow map size. Rendering productions level images in EEVEE is a bit complicated and involves a lot of tweaking. Maybe try Cycles?

Peter Steel

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very good input, i will do this next days.


Yeah correct volume plugged into the world shader.

Any head way with this ?
Having similar issue, mine is with an animation.
Noticed the OP said having issue rendering in HD (doing the same 1080) but when dropping to 720 (which i didnt try) the issue goes way; when i render my full timeline 1735 frames the issue is present, but if i only render 1-400 frames (which is the problematic part) the issue does not happen.

Heres the thread i started with alittle more info and example video clip.

Bug Ticket Raised