Light backprojection errors


I’m currently working on a little lightshow and thought about creating a nice effect like some figures staying in the air through backprojecting them whith spots on a plane which is set to nearly complete transparent. But now I have the problem that when looking from the opposite side on to the plane I can only see the halos break off but no actual projection. Whereas on the other side where the spots are projecting the light onto the plane there are the correct projections. I tried a lot of things but nothing worked so now i need your help! I hope someone has some ideas. I also attached two images so that you can better understand the problem.



(1) front
(2) back (actual view from the camera)

I can hardly see anything in your images but have you tried increasing the Translucency value for the plane material

Thanks that solved the Problem! I tried this out before wirblig sucess but suddenly it Works right now!