Light Balls


Here is my images of lighting balls.

I think about render it on 2000 samples, too many fireflyes … what do you think!
How do I remove the fireflyes to make it better on ground!

I don’t see any fireflies on that. :rolleyes:

But if you do wanna get rid of them, you can try to adjust clamp indirect value from render options. Try something like 0.1-0.2

Wow… Nice…
U inspired me to make an image…

It’s rendered at 500 Samples.
Clamp Indirect = 0.3 (thanks for the tip tomiv89)
Filter Glossy = 0.5
and i have reduced Transparency and Bounces Values.
Like this…

took 16 minutes to Render.

Hope it helps…
Your image is better…;-)…Great wallpaper!

Thanks for the tip! I rendered the images at 2000 samples, that helped a lot. Added a gradient color and some color effects in PS and wow. A wallpaper , my first actuelly.

This is awesome…very nice render…I will use it for Wallpaper…:yes:

Very nice, i also did this when i was just starting out.

Yours looks much better then mine :slight_smile: