light beam /ray moving animation

Hi all,
Actually i want to create some very basic n simple animation which can be shown to school teachers to show how effective eduactional content ( i.e animation) can be created using open source tool.( If any body knows a simpler and mature 2D animation tool , plz tell me ). but problem is that i myself is not that familliar with blender.

I am trying to create simple animation in blender showing light rays diffraction when passing thru a prism. ( or effects light after passing lenses ). For showing light i thought i will extrude/ scale a plane in horz direction , but it was not working. ( particals may be too heavy for a newbie )
Can anybody give some suggestion/solution ? I want that moving light beam /ray effect.

Thanx in advance

actually what you described can be very easily modeled using a ‘photon-tracer’, a ‘photon-tracer’ literally traces the light particles based on physical property, a prisim diffraction can easily be achived with Indigo

I know you are probably unfamiliar with the work flow for using a different renderer. let me walk you through it: basically you create the scene in blender, (a prisim, a black floor, a slit and a light), then simply export it to indigoand render!

Thanx xiaxuele, that seems a cool effect !
But i want to keep it very simple so i am sticking back to same idea of scaling / extruding plane. I can aniamte the scaling of the palne but problem is that it ‘moves’ in both the direction . how to stick one end of that plane at a location ?

:smiley: finally got it working , thanx