light beam

how would some1 go about making it so you can see a beem og light? example
i thought mist might do it but it just makes my objects dissapear. maybe particles?

Search the blender wiki for ‘spot lamp’, under which there should be a ‘halo’ section.

It depends how complicated you want to make things. For something like the example you posted you could do it with a spotlight and halo. For more complicated things you might need another approach. The blender halo just fills the light cone from the spotlight with a semi-transparent material. Be sure to set samples to > 1 in the spotlight panel if you want the halo to have volumetric shadows.

The images below are both rendered with indigo. The first one models light reflecting from a parabolic mirror. These both use an approach where I surrounded the model with a box filled with a scattering material. This is more physically realistic than the blender internal halo approach, but for most cases you wouldn’t notice the difference. The lamp model could easily have been done in blender rather than indgo, and much quicker (it just happens to be an old image I have from playing with indigo). The mirror model could not have been done in indigo because blender spotlight halos wouln’t have taken into account the reflection from the mirror.

Basically, Blender spotlights and halos are a good place to start. Yafray will also do spotlight halos as long as there is something behind the halo. If you need anything more complicated look into indigo (or one of the other unbiased renderers) and be prepared to wait a long time…


k thanx both of u