Light Bleeding Through Walls

For some reason the lamp I put in the hall leading to the right is being blocked by one object but it keeps shining on anything after that in its path. I used the default lamp, should I have changed something in it or is a plane 1 dimensional and light can go through one side but not the other? :spin:

, In shaders you can remove the spec from a select object. ( take off the shine ). and other controls . Maybe that will help you some.

Are you using the BGE (game engine) or rendering? The BGE doesn’t handle ray-traced shadows –

Using shadow buffers (the default) on the lamp may not recognize two-dimensional objects in rendering. It’s been a while since I’ve tried it, so it may be fixed in later builds. EDIT: A quick test with two planes and a spotlight works, and only the spotlight has shadow buffers as a default.