Light Blocks

I have decided to create this from a picture I saw and I think it turned out great (pretty quick and simple though). But I feel like something is missing. Can anyone help me out?


The composition is kind of ‘meh’. It doesn’t seem like anything is going on. It just looks like a special effect with nothing behind it.
Try coming up with a backstory, or something you want to express, then rework it.

This would be a really cool way to create a Logo…Care to do a tutorial and show us how to do it?

Orinoco: Thanks for the advice Ill keep that in mind

mrmagician: I dont have the equipment to do a video tutorial, but If you want a could possibly post a step by step tutorial with screenshots.

Hard to comment on a abstract thing that we dont know what you are going for :frowning:

I think maybe some kind of mysterious backround behind the blocks. Maybe shadows of faces with red eyes? :RockandRoll: buddy

ola.oxelhag: saw this and wanted to make my own version (improve on it):

Blenderjunkie: I have to admit that would be pretty cool, ill look into it.
Also I made a few changes to it. They are very slight but I think they make a big difference in a way. But its rendering so another post I guess

Update that I said was rendering:

Yeah, i’d actually prefer a step by step with screens than a video to be honest. Easier to follow and do it at the same time.

Rendering is not bad so far.

mrmagician: Ok, I guess I will start making it. But since I haven’t really made a public tutorial before any suggestion were i should post it?
Silkroadgame: Thanks.

Not sure. Create a wordpress?

This site has a Tutorials Tips and Tricks subforum for posting tutorials.

Ok thanks. Still trying to finish writing out the steps. Ill PM you the link when Im done mrmagician.

Kind of a cool idea if you ask me. Also tutorial should be up soon (sorry I am really busy with school.)

To my poor eyes, “the places that don’t have any sort of dividing-line at all” … the ones that represent a continuous space of more-than-one adjacent square … just don’t quite “feel right.” They somehow seem like holes.

Nevertheless … “Holy Tron, Batman!” … a very nice abstract-concept sure has gotten several very interesting abstract treatments! :yes: Let me grab my light-cycle and let’s go!

They seam like holes because I added in a ghost but maybe I should get rid of it, I don’t know.