Light bulb

Hey guys,
Here’s my latest, comments and critique welcome.
Rendered for nine hours on a dual core w/ 2 gig of ram. 800 samples per pixel.

Looks pretty cool :slight_smile: I like the bulb models.

Thx…does anyone have any critique?

Is this Indigo?

yes it is…

You know whats wrong with this render mate…the all critics are in your own WIP section.
Like I already said…exellent modeling…but materials are just wrong: the metal part has no specularity at all, the glass has NO transparency.
3* from me

i love the realism. you really captured the lighting effects of a real lightbulb.

heh, I’d like to see ya using this bulb, shouldn’t it be screwable? then the line on bottom of bulb would have to be spirals, not circles.
otherwise an “ok” render

Nice work on the lightbulbs, I don’t know why it’s 2 stars unless they rate lower because it’s an Ind(makes everything look good)igo render.

Still a neat image.

this should be moved to the test forum

OK, so the materials aren’t up to scratch, or in someplaces are non-existant, but it glows and it feels warm. I like that.

dude…it wasnt a test…it was an actual project

I don’t think it’s a test, nowadays people think of all renders that are even somewhat simple a test, what happened to the concept of simplicity in art pieces?


I kinda like it… but I have always preferred transparent bulbs when it comes to art. (

I like the shadows and the wires.

I actually really like the mood this piece has, but unfortunately, Im slightly biased by the renderer.

When youre rendering in Indigo, I tend to require a little more style or complexity, simply because its so easy to light with. Of course, thats just personal prejudice, but I though you should know(since I get the feeling Im not the only who feels this way).

Either way, very nice render, looks good to me.

holy crap how do you guys do stuff like that
i mean the meterials

…learn through tutorials…but those materials are crappy…you just have to play with them.
And btw…this scene was a pain to get the lighting right.

this should be moved to the test forum

agree , ok , it’s 100 % brightness , give it some transperency , i mean the illuminating one .

I like this image but would suggest making the lit bulb have more of a “hot spot” where the actual filament inside would be. The light effect over the surface is too even.