Light Bulb

This is one of my early attempts at creating a plain incandescent lightbulb.

Things I need help/suggestions on:

—The reflection on the bulb glass is not very good. I know that what makes a good reflective object is the stuff around it (which shows up on the surface of the reflective object in the render). You can find plenty of tutorials about what settings to use to make something reflective, but not a whole lot about the best looking reflective objects and the techniques that specifically make the reflections look their best.

—The reflective material on the base doesn’t look right, it is supposed to be a diffuse reflection but it just looks wrong…I imagine that it has to do with surface scratches on the base of a real light bulb that I did not put in…plus I think I may have the reflectivity too high…

—The environment is too artificial. Any tips for how to treat the environment/surroundings to create a realistic looking render of an isolated object?

And anything else at all that you think would be helpful.

Thank you.

Try adding a label to the top. Every detail helps with realism.

I agree, I will add that in.

i am glad you understand that to get a good reflective surface you need a good environment b/c a plain background will not give you any reflections.
So there are 2 choices. put some objects in your scene or use an HDRI image.
I think if you put planes with emit enabled all around you’ll get some decent reflections.
Alternatively you can get some HDRI’s right here:

i would have thought its an actual photo.

you could also add a reflection or mirror map or HDRI

or other related objets around

another way would be to go and use YAFARAY to rende it
would be even better!

have fun

happy 2.5

Thanks DDD, I just watched a tutorial and am rendering now.

Thanks for the help guys, here’s the latest render (I tried HDRI /COOL!/ as well as rebuilding the environment surrounding the bulb and went with the latter). I appreciate your feedback.

HUGE improvement! :smiley: IMHO the metal on the latest one is a tad to shiny, but just barely! Other than that, hard to distinguish from a photo! Good work! :slight_smile:

Bulb looks like more glossy, other than that great job.