Light bulbs, diamonds, and axes.

A series of renders to celebrate my purchase of Indigo.

Comments and critiques appreciated.

I like, I like. Especially the lightbulb one.

Purchased Indigo? Indigo is free, last I checked.
Nice images by the way.

Indigo went commercial a while back, check again :wink:

Woah. Don’t know how that news got past me.
Glad I still have my old version of Indigo to use.:yes:

My paid version is 40% faster than your free version =D

I feel special.

New version of the axe added.

Yeah - the 40% speed up is pretty awesome. :slight_smile: Cool renders Godzilla.

nice axes there :slight_smile:

its a small thing, but the light bulb base bits look faceted, and even if they are solid white, unlit globes, they should be either SSS or slightly translucent… the wood on the axe is very clear but the red bleeds into the unpainted metal on the blade… thats a heafy increase in speed…