Light Cycle (from Tron)

Here is a light cycle from the movie Tron. This is my first finished work so c&c 's are welcome. :smiley:


looks good

would love a nice big render tho!

the only thing i dont like is the very sharp front bit and also the reflections

Looks nice. I don’t have any other comments/crits.

Looks great could be bigger though.

Yeah the reflections are kinda…They dont really match the way the model is lit or anything.

But other than that, it is awesome.

Alot better than my first finished work…


The reflections are accurate for the way its lit because I used hdri. :slight_smile:

tron had glows and alot of “flat” cell style shading… … so if youf going off the movie the shine does need to be toned down some…

as for the modeling… the body itself is way too thick… do a google search for reference material… youll find PLENTY of models and official pictures to go off of… the front wheel literally doubles the width of the body… in your image… it all appears to have almost the same thickness…

you also forgot the tell tale “light wall”

but VERY impressive for your first render.
remember… google is your friend… do a search… then click the image tab.

I think it is a good model. But weren’t the floor stripes blue.