Light cycle trail

hello. I have seen many videos that emulate tron light cycles. I was wondering how the light cycle trail mesh is made. how can mesh be generated like that. thanks.

I made one. The vid is on youtube. Just look up “LightBall”. Its a sphere thats rolling around and making a trail. I would post the blend but i don’t kno how.

Do you know how to do that?

All I did was make a long suubsurfed plane and then used a fit to curve modifier, i fitted it to the animation path of the ball. then i used the follow path constraint and also made it follow the animation path of the ball. then i animated it to follow the ball along the curve. it says the same length but with the camera no one will be the wiser.

with the right camera work i mean

thanks. i could not find the video though. do you have a link. I have not tried to upload blend files but you may be able to use or I would appreciate this.

TrailBallTron.blend (472 KB)

I’m not that experienced so there is probably a better way. If you improve this method in any way please post it so I can see!