Light effect and render


I need help to know how you will make this lighting effects:


I have a work to do and i will appreciate your help because it has to down in 2 weeks!!

Thanks a lot


@ben , do you have a blend file of the models you will use in your scene?

Also are you using Blender Internal Renderer as your render Engine?

It looks like a camera move along with a spotlight move in a completely dark room. They might have also separated the specular highlight into its own pass to control/mask how the specular light appears and disappears in the final.

Looks like a couple of elongated emission planes as the only light source - directly above the car. Car itself is on a black ground plane (so you dont get any bounce light). The play of light is due to the way the camera, car and/or light sources are moving throughout the animation.

Is this the look you are after (the speckled effect is down to the material I used - a test of a car paint shader).

@@Amhatu: Yes i have a blend file but i can’t show you… I don’t have the permission.
I use render cycle.

@Atom: Yes, this is what i think but i don’t know anything about “separated the specular highlight into its own pass to control/mask”. I have to look for that.

@moony: I have some elongated light in my scene but i think the broplem is my material… And the color of this one. I have to use white color… and it very difficult to have good effects with this color (don’t you think?) Your picture show the exact effect i need. Can you screen grab your material node properties please?

Thanks a lot for your helps

The node group is a bit complex because it has loads of extra nodes to handle the colour flip effect (the fading from blue to pink) as well as the sparkles.

Fundamentally however - the material is just a mix shader with a diffuse shader in the top node (whatever colour you want the car to look) and a glossy shader in the bottom node (white or very light grey - with a roughness of 0).

Then you plug the Fresnel node into the Fac slot of the mix shader. This makes the reflections brighter at glancing angles.

Make the environment black and if you have a ground plane - make that black as well.

Alternatively - download a car paint material off blendswap. Most will work in a similar way to mine.