Light effects in the new game engine project


Does the new blender game engine project have the ability to make that light effect? Obviously in Blender game engine, it was possible to animate a light, sort of, but not quite what I used at the time.

I guess this isn’t possible yet?

Just because someone won’t spoon feed you the answer doesn’t mean it isn’t possible.

Go out and do some tutorials on lights in Blender and figure it out for yourself. If you get stuck with a very specific problem, then come back and ask.

As a rule of thumb, anything is possible in Blender - it’s just a matter of how much time you want to spend learning/creating it.

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Sure, just look on youtube and see how crap the game engine really is. Buggy, and so on. Your statement is just plain stupid.

Not everything has to come from YouTube. The first result has a discussion about how to do it.

If you ever want to be a serious developer then you’ll need to learn to find this stuff on your own. It’s normal to need to use several sources to piece together all the bits of knowledge that you need. The more you learn, the quicker you’ll get at it and the less you’ll need to search for answers.

Is it possible to make what is seen in the film? If not, then hopefully upbge will have this effect. Especially the weapon effect.

Are you able to do it yourself? Animate a nice flashing glow light.

Yes, although I probably wouldn’t change the actual light levels. I’d change the colour of an object/material that wasn’t receiving shadows, kind of like how you’d do neon lights.