Light emiting from a texture

i was wondering if there was a way to make textures emit light.

i am making some fire and i think the best way to get a realistis flicker would be to have the texture of the flame emit light (I am using a particle emiter for the flame)

thanks for any help:D

In the materials panel there is an Emit slider. You can animate the emission by pressing I while your cursor is over that panel, and creating an Ipo Material curve.


but it doesnt seem to work for particle emiters

i was thinking that instead of animating itmanualy, you could just have the particles emit light
and then since the particles keep disapearing and stuff, it would just flicker by itself

The emit slider makes materials emit light in that they glow in the dark, but the light they emit doesn’t light up anything else. I think it does if you turn on radiosity rendering, but I’ve never got on well with it. You could try simulating the flickering by making another particle system on top of the first, and have it emit lights - just a few of them, not as many as the original particles. I’ve tried this before and it works OK if you use area lights (or sphere lights from svn), otherwise with point lights you get multiple shadows for everything and it looks messy.