Light feedback on this work

Lighting a scene sometimes can be quite “arghhh”.
Which version do you like more and why?
My option would be somewhere between 02 and 03.

Many thanks in advance


3… and i love the stylized water…

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’d go with 3, The sharper shadows give the image a lot of contrast and it really pops out. Great scene btw, very nice to look at!

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the lightning in the 3rd one looks cool and the overall model looks awesome

I really like 3 and 2 if u can mix between them that would be great really really great job !!! :star_struck:

I’d say all 3 are valid depending. 3 is like if it was outside being lit by the sun. 2 is outside but more like dusk on a cloudy day or maybe just a really cloudy day. 1 seem like it is indoors lit by a light bulb.

Contrast wise is the best one, but at the same time it kind of losses the softness of the tones in the other two. Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: