Light for everyone

It’s been 200 years since Ignacy Łukasiewicz, who started Polish oil industry and made kerosene lamp possible, was born. Polish invented kerosene lamp took the world to a higher level. The image shows Łukasiewicz

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the man looks like serious business :sunglasses:

True. He was a pharmacist and an enterpreneur.

Interesting timing for this thread. Reports are that Europe is currently going through a worsening energy crisis which by winter might actually lead to the lamps being lit once again. I hope the creators there have a stock of canvases and paint because they might not be using Blender much by then.

Here in the US meanwhile, these things are still used among the various Amish sects (who never electrified their homes to begin with).

This seems like a good time to mention how much I enjoy those bits of information about Polish people and their accomplishments you drop here. It’s not something I’d be exposed to otherwise, and I feel it’s good to know even just a little bit about far-away places and people, beyond the politics that are the only thing that ever makes it to history education in school, and to world news.

I am more than satisfied reading this. Thanks a lot! :grin:

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