Light Glow Effect Using the Compositor Tutorial

Hey all!
I have made the Glow tutorial. Now this was my first tutorial, so I would very much like to know how I did. I am not too happy with it myself for some reason, but it may be just my imagination…

So tell me what you think. Is it helpful? Did you learn something from it? Is it Boring, or is it an automatic sleep maker, or was it engaging enough that you don’t fall asleep? Anything else that you want me to improve on next time(if there is a next time). I was actually thinking of redoing it again, but apparently it takes me 40 minutes for the tutorial, so i am a little hesitant. So should I remake it?

Well here is the link, hopefully it is informative!

Let me know what your thoughts are!

Hi , can you put up a screen shot of the composite nodes, I cant see it clearly on the video. Sorry I can comment on the video . I have a very slow internet connection, but the glow looks very good.

I teach English to university freshmen, and require them to give presentations in class. I notice you have the same “know it but forgot how to say it” syndrome that students often exhibit. What works for them is to write notes, even just a list of topics, that can be referred to as they speak. If you listed your ideas in advance, your presentations would be even better. You do some really cool stuff. Organizing your tutorials would make them even more effective.

Can you help me. I cant find the pass index or the activate object index under layers in 2.49. I use 2.49 to do my curves . I like the way they look better in 2.49. Also in 2.5 I can’t see the background.


smokeeee2.blend (320 KB)