Light goes on all layers!

I put my spotlights on the same layer with the eyeballs and chose “layers” under lamp-buttons but the the spotlights illuminate not only the eyeballs but also the other layer where the characters face is. What’s going wrong? I only want to light the eyeballs.


Is it possible that your light is on all of those layers? Select the light, press the m key and make sure is is set to be visible on only the layer(s) you want.

Best of Luck!!

If it’s on all the layers then it will illuminate all the layers it is on. Look at the blue layer buttons, if more then one is pressed then it’s on more then one layer. De select all the other layers so it’s only on one. Don’t forget to have the layer button pressed.

The spotlights and eyeballs are only on this one layer and nothing else is on this layer. Here is a screenshot.
I also appended all the objects to a new blender file but still the the whole face gets illuminated. Is this a bug in 2.42 or what is going on??


Judging from the Photon lamp button being there you must be using Yafray. Note not all of the Blender features work with Yafray.

Looks like you are right Cyborg Dragon. Thanks for informing so I don’t spend another day trying the what seems impossible. This is a big drawback since I like the way Yafray renders the many shadow tones.