Light groups in Blender 2.8

Does someone know if there is some addon for Blender 2.8 (and next versions) to enable light groups, as it was in older versions?

U mean in Cycles?
It exists in LuxCore Render as far as i know

Light linking is a recurrent feature request.
It is not supported by Cycles or EEVEE.
Workaround is to use compositing nodes.
You have to create 2 light set-up different for 2 view layers and to combine them through compositing nodes.

I would like to avoid rendering multiple view layers, so I was wondering if someone had ever developed an addon to newly implement this handy feature in Blender.

Yes, I mean Cycles.

as far as i know it will be
and has high priority in development

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That implies to modify internal aspects of the render engine. That can not be just a simple addon.

As suggested by Piter, you have to take a look to another render engine that supports them like Luxcorerender.

and it is another well known render as Corona have Light Groups
It works pretty well on Blender 2.79
and have dev addon for Blender 2.8

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Cool! I used Corona years ago with 3ds Max and it was great, I didn’t know they developed a version for Blender… thanks! It is still CPU only?

yes it is still CPU