Light House Sunset

I’m super happy with the way this turned out. Based off of Thomas Kinkade’s painting “Sea of Tranquility”. Hope you like it.

looks beautiful.i think the boat can be made smaller-now it looks flat and a little distracting.a wider aspect will make it more contemporary.

It´s a nice image, but either the sail of the boat should be down, like it is anchored, or there should be someone on board sailing. Just a silhouette would do with the strong backlight from the sun. - Thinking of it, this would also enhance the story of the image. “The lighthouse guiding the sailor home.” If you turned the boat and capture the moment of the boat arriving, heading towards that little pier in front of the lighthouse.

2 small things to modify to have an image even more sublime than it is for now.

  • the boat does not seem at the same scale as the houses (too big)
  • the sky is too bright for the light it projects … so we can’t distinguish the details of the horizon
    Otherwise, your image is beautiful.

Thats actually a really good idea I might update it.